Why Work With Us?

Our hands-on approach to working with authors is like no other publisher's. We work hard for our authors. We aggressively promote them, and we collaborate with them at every step. If your book is selected, our editorial team will work with you to develop your manuscript into the best book it can be. Our design team will find the perfect illustrator and create an unbelievable design to help your book stand out. Our marketing team will work with you to schedule book tours and create year-long promotions. This process includes scheduling media interviews and guest blogs, as well as generating media hype for each author.

What We Publish

Mighty Media Press delivers captivating books and media that ignite a child's curiosity, imagination, social awareness, and sense of adventure.

We only publish books that fit all four parts of this mission. Why? Because we know the stories kids experience help shape their minds, and we want to produce books that guide kids on the path to becoming great adults.

Are You Ready to Become a Mighty Media Press Author?

No really, are you? We give 100 percent to our authors, but we expect a lot of them in return. Being a successful published author is a job. We take your book seriously, and we expect the same from you. That means once you have the finished book in hand, your work is just beginning. We expect our authors to play an active role on promoting their books—with guidance from our marketing team, of course!

We aren't just looking for authors—we're looking for partners.

And Now, The Math...

We receive thousands of manuscripts each year. On average, we only publish six new books annually. That means we have to turn down a lot of great manuscripts. We hope you’ll still take a chance on us. We read every manuscript that meets our requirements. In return, we hope authors who submit to us will tell others about Mighty Media Press and keep reading our books.

We aren't just looking for authors—we're looking for advocates.

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