At Mighty Media Press, we take curiosity and put it to work. After all, what is curiosity without a little experimentation? We know curious kids become capable adults.

Great Recipes for Green Thumbs

This kid-approved guide to urban farming and healthy cooking pairs gardening tips and tricks with mouthwatering recipes. Watch your kids transform from novice gardeners into chef extraordinaires as they bring eating local into their own backyard.

We know curiosity involves getting a little dirt (or garlic!) under your fingernails. Clean kids are overrated - the path to discovery is a messy one!

Ending Picky Eating, One Quiche at a Time...

Take a culinary journey around the world with 50 kid-friendly recipes from around the globe. From latkes to taquitos to yakitori, teach your kids about other cultures while while watching them cook their way around the kitchen.

We think future college students can do better than ramen. Let's teach our kids the life skills they need to live (and eat) well!

Calling All Mad Scientists...

Great scientists ask great questions. These fun and easy hands-on activities will get kids asking questions and learning all about science using stuff they find around the house. Put on your lab goggles and learn along with your kids as they realize that science can be simple and that experimentation is the road to discovery.

We believe the best learning happens outside the classroom. We advocate for setting up laboratories in kitchens, basements, and backyards around the world.

Building Better Brains, One Pulley at a Time.

The six simple machines make modern life possible. (adult refresher: wheel and axle, wedge, screw, inclined plane, lever, and pulley!) Budding scientists will have a blast learning about and building the simples machines from everyday materials. Help your kids develop real-world problem-solving skills while honing their inner engineer.

We believe everyone is an engineer. We want to raise kids who can ask questions and solve problems. Let's build a generation that knows how to fix a toilet.

Recycling Projects for the Etsy Generation

Get kids crafting with materials destined for the dumpster. This book’s fun and easy projects get kids upcycling in beautiful ways while helping the environment. Show your kids that there’s more to junk than meets the eye and help them cultivate that DIY spirit!

Curious minds create beautiful solutions. We challenge our readers to find unique answers to everyday problems.