TWIR: Random Acts of Kindness, A New Graphic Novel, An Upcoming Blog Tour, & An Interview With Monster!

Posted on: Feb 19, 2016


A Very Dumpling Valentines Day

The Ugly Dumpling celebrated Valentines Day and #RandomActOfKindnessDay this week. Get your free love note from Dumpling HERE.



Tristan Comes to Life

Illustrator Molly Murakami created a graphic novel excerpt of the first chapter from The Shark Whisperer! This week, it went live on 


Tristan and The Gang are Featured on the Children's Book Council's Seasonal Showcase 

Book 3 in the Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians series, Stingray City, publishes May 3rd. Watch for the Blog Tour February 24th - March 4th!


New Review in the Ocean Blue!

Booklist sang Tristan's praises this week:

Prager continues her face-focused fantasy [in Stingray City], complete with the trademark humor from ealier volumes, making Tristan's story worth returning to.

Have a Booklist account? Read their review of Stingray City HERE.


Social Consciousness.

Monster In The Press!

Story Monsters Ink Magazine interviews Paul Czajak about all things Monster.


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