TWIR: Fall 2016 Announcements, New Blog Tour, Community Engagement, and Multicultural Children's Book Day

Posted on: Jan 29, 2016


The Ugly Dumpling is on a roll. 

The Blog Tour starts on Monday, February 2nd. Don't miss a post: 




Anticipation and excitement builds around our office! 

Publishers Weekly rolled out their annual Fall Announcements, which included The Peculiar Haunting of Thelma Bee and Monster Needs to Go to School. 


Thelma Cover 2Monster School Cover


Social Consciousness. 

New local partnership helps community engagement blossom. 

Our new partner, Kids Voting Minneapolisis a community-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to empower students in Minneapolis with the skills and confidence to embrace civic involvement and become active citizens as adults.  

There are approximately 50,000 K-12 students in Minneapolis. We want all of them to become educated, engaged voters.

Part of a national network of independent local affiliates, Kids Voting Minneapolis combines civic learning in the classroom, family dialogue, and an authentic voting experience to prepare the next generation of citizens. Together, we have created a buddy reading and project event with local 8th and 1st grade students around Minneapolis. Using Monster Needs Your Vote, we are donating books to fuel students' civic engagement through literacy. 

button4liberty 9.16.44 AM


January 27th was Multicultural Children's Book Day and it's not too late to celebrate! Encourage diversity in children's books today and everyday. 

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