New Season, New Blog!

Posted on: Apr 8, 2014

Dare I say it? Is spring finally upon us? For three days, we've experienced above freezing temperatures, and it feels like a dirty, dirty trick. Hopefully, it's not. Hopefully we've finally made it through the bleakness of winter and into a brand new experience, one I think we're all more than a little ready for. 2014 has already brought about plenty of changes for Scarletta. Staffing, submissions, publications, buildings, processes, blogging, writing, etc: spring just seems like the right time to get into cleaning out and moving on. Of course, the largest change this year has been our move. A physical location change has been somewhat stressful and more than a little hectic.  What has come out of it has been worth the anticipation and chaotic nature of the move. With new space comes new ideas and bundles of potential. It's an exciting time to experience! Another change we've brought along: our blog! As you may have noticed, we're at a different site! Welcome! We're happy you're here! You might have noticed we've brought over some older posts of ours. We were excited to see the new layout, so we simply migrated some of our favorites over to the new space to get a feel for it. Do you like it? We think it looks great! We're especially excited that the new blog location incorporates our own website and store just a click away on the top of the page! It makes it easier than ever to browse our upcoming titles and pick up  your new favorite books from our online store. As spring unfolds, we are excited to unveil new and exciting features and innovations from the Scarletta offices. As we move and shake with the new season, we hope you'll follow us along and join in the fun. Until Friday, Be well and Read on! scarlettaHR monster_sleep_2014_webbanner

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