This Week in Review: Rave Reviews, Cover Voting Giveaway, and Upcoming Author Appearances

Posted on: Jan 15, 2016


The Ugly Dumpling


Publisher's Weekly and Booklist review this modern fairy tale about a loving friendship:

dancin_dumpling2-1"From the wordplay of the premise to Kober’s (The Flying Hand of Marco B.) crisp pictures and Campisi’s easygoing sense of humor, it’s a story with plenty of promise." –PW

"The Ugly Duckling gets a makeover in this wacky tale about a misfit. ... the ultimate end, about accepting people because of their differences, adds an extra moral to this timeless tale. The bright illustrations are detailed and full of energy—never has food been so expressive!—and the concept is just odd enough to succeed.”—Booklist

[See the full review from Booklist on January 27th]



Influential Huffington Post Blog Contributor, Charles Clymer, retweets Dumpling:

dumbbell_dumpling Charles is a blogger, student, and Army Veteran. Based out of Washington, D.C., he provides commentary on social justice issues. He is a proud feminist and ally of the LGBT community.

Follow Charles on twitter for updates and insights on various social issues: @cmclymer

Alia Jones of Read It Real Good reviews the diversity and inclusivity of Dumpling

"In this story, The Ugly Dumpling thinks it’s found happiness among its own kind but…maybe looking like everyone else doesn’t necessarily mean you’re like everyone else, on the inside, where it really counts. Sometimes our fillings are different and that’s okay. Friendship can come in the most unexpected ways and that is pretty beautiful."

Follow Alia on twitter for all things diversity and kid lit: @readitrealgood


Social Consciousness.

Monster Needs Your Vote


Reviewer Michele Knott wears her Monster button with pride as she reviews his latest tale on her blog, Mrs. Knott's Book Nook:

"I recently found a book that teaches children about presidential platforms ... Big concept for young readers. But try this book."

Monster got another twitter endorsement from renowned author and pal, Josh Funk!


Author Paul Czajak will take Seaver and Monster to the Hudson Children's Book Festival on May 7th!

He'll have his Moonbeam Children's Book Award-winning Monster & Me™ series, as well as his Gelett Burgess Award-winning book, Seaver the Weaver in tow.



The Peculiar Haunting of Thelma Bee


What if YOU could pick the cover to your next favorite book? At Mighty Media Press, you can!

Votes are flooding in on the cover selection for Thelma. Vote for yourself and enter to win a FREE signed copy of the book and a box of Thelma swag.

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