Monster Helps Kids Take On Politics with Twitter!

Posted on: Nov 23, 2015


Kids Tweet.

Thanks to Monster's campaign for literacy and civic engagement, classrooms across the country are tweeting about justice, social issues, and things they want the president to know. Using the hashtag #IWishMyPresidentKnew, students are expressing their opinions and Monster – along with award-winning Monster & Me™ series author Paul Czajak – is there to help along the way!

Kids Create Change.

Things in our country are changing fast, and kids should have a voice in our nation's future. Students are already contributing intelligent insights on the United States' political system. So don't get left behind – get your classroom signed up to participate in this movement NOW! Here's how:


Kids Grow.

With Monster's help...

  1. Kids read a book about sparking a grassroots movement, and are inspired to do the same.
  2. Kids learn about current issues and why they matter.
  3. Kids see how social media affects change and gain digital/technological skills to last a lifetime.
  4. Kids develop opinions about the world around them and learn how to take part in action.
  5. Kids speak out about their opinions, which they are rarely given the opportunity to do.
  6. Kids take a stand to fight for what they believe in.
  7. Kids observe the importance of literacy in the classroom, as well as in social and political spheres.

Contact Paul Czajak for a Skype in the Classroom session HERE

**You will need to log in to Skype in the Classroom first!**

Use the Campaign Kit to access activities and infographics HERE

Learn more about Monster’s campaign at

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