#MGINSPIRES Middle Grade Twitter Chat Highlights

Posted on: Aug 24, 2015

Top 10 Moments From Our #MGINSPIRES Twitter Chat

Last Tuesday, we hosted a twitter chat about the importance of Middle Grade fiction! With lots of wisdom from established Middle Grade authors, we discussed everything from the influence MG fiction has on middle graders, to which life skills it emulates, and how MG fiction invokes critical thinking. There were many highlights, but for those of you who missed out on the action, here is a ranking of our favorite moments, complete with some of the most important things these brilliant MG authors taught all of us:

10. Our announcement JPEG was adopted by School Library Journal:

Thanks, SLJ for not only helping us to spread the word, but for supporting Middle Grade fiction!


9. When Soman Chainani (The School of Good and Evil series) talked about using his writing to help middle graders explore the complexities of the world:

Why see everything as black and white, when people and the world they live in are so complicated?!


8. Paul Durham (The Luck Uglies) values a healthy dose of rebellion:

After all, independant thought and critical thinking are values WE ALL need! They're not just for Middle Graders.


7. When Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey series) talked about self-discovery in her own genious way:

We can all agree that her books sure show kids how to start that journey.


6. Books are secrets!

Stories have secrets to tell, so middle graders should lend an ear.


5. When Ellen Prager (Tristan Hunt and The Sea Guardians series) reminded us that humor is at the center of all the fun:

Always remember to laugh!


4. Authority figures are people too...

Blindly following is dangerous! Middle graders beware! Key advice for people of all ages.


3. When Disney Hyperion professed their love for #MGINSPIRES:

2. #WeNeedDiverseBooks!

Erin Petti nailed it.


1. When Cam and Benny hit YA where it hurts:

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!


In Conclusion...

All these brilliant authors sharing their wisdom with us and the world has us feeling exactly like this little rabbit:


If this recap wasn’t enough for you, you can always search #MGINSPIRES and peruse the twitter chat in its entirety! We also encourage everyone to add to this hashtag anytime — just because our official twitter chat is over, doesn’t mean the conversation surrounding the importance of middle grade should end!

We think Middle Grade Fiction is the perfect genre for any reader, no matter your age. If you need book suggestions, just look closely at our twitter chat ... there are plenty of great titles mentioned throughout.

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