May We Have Your Submissions?

Posted on: May 8, 2013


Hello, Hello! It's been a while since we've crossed paths, bloggersphere. But I am here today to share some exciting news! Over the last few weeks, we've been experiencing some exciting changes around the Scarletta offices. Today, I would like to share my excitement with one change in particular: WE ARE RE-OPENING THE SUBMISSION PERIOD! That's right, world, Scarletta is once again accepting submissions for Mighty Media Kids, Scarletta Juniors, and Mighty Media Press.  For the month of May, we will be eagerly awaiting your best Children's Picture Books, Memoir, Chapter Books, YA Literature, and Non-fiction. You may be wondering why we've decided to extend our deadline for submissions. No, it's not because we haven't found the right titles. Quite the contrary, really. Our last submission period brought in nearly 300 manuscripts--and that's just the ones within the submission period! We've found exciting, wonderful new pieces that we're elated to work with for our upcoming seasons. We have great titles in the works, so why put out the call for more?  Two reasons: 1)     We are trying out a new Online Submissions Tracker: Submittable. Hopefully, this will help us clean up the submission process and allow us to more quickly respond to each of our aspiring authors. Because we take the time to respond to each of our submissions, we're happy to work with a program that will make that process much, much smoother. All month long, we will be working with Submittable to get a greater grip on the software before the fall submission season rolls back around. 2)     If we can keep up with finding great new material, why shouldn't we? By extending our deadlines for submissions, we anticipate acquiring even more fantastic material. Spring brings along new attitudes, new styles, and new ideas--we cannot wait to hear what YOU have to say. Send in your clowns! Hit us with your best shot! Bring your A-Game! Other cliched phrase here! Looking forward to your Submissions, Josh

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